Weekly Blog

October 22nd
32 visiting authors, 2 keynote speakers, the Blue Willow Book Store, great food trucks, opportunities to get autographs from your favorite authors, and outstanding door prizes.

Click here to see schedule of events.

Students can even sign up to ride on the big yellow limo from Shaw to South Houston High. But HURRY, spots are almost gone!

October 18th
Literacy Night from 5:30pm-7:00pm!
Take a walk around to visit with your child's teachers as they give academic challenges to the students. Participating in the challenge will earn your child a stamp. All students with each subject's stamp will be entered into a drawing for a Fire Tablet!

October 13th
Report Card Conferences from 4:30pm to 6:30pm!
Come visit your child's homeroom teacher to receive the 1st 9 weeks report card.
Conferences with other teachers will need to be arranged for another time.

September 26th-30th
This Saturday, October 1st, is our Dyslexia Open House.
Click here for details
Click here for Spanish

Friday some students are going on a field trip to ITZ! Congratulations on your success in reading class!

Thursday and Friday 5th and 6th graders will be taking their writing CBA 1. Good luck to all!

September 19th-23rd

Anchor Time Begins! Students will be following our "Anchor Time" schedule from now until further notice. Please help your student understand how the schedule changes. Their teachers will also be guiding them through the change. Click here for our new 2016-2017 schedules.

Student council elections this week! Students can design posters, hand out stickers, and write speeches in order to persuade the other Seahawks to Vote for Them!

September 12th-16th

Students begin their student council campaigns this week. First, they must get all teachers' approvals as well as parent approval. Then, their fellow homeroom students will vote for who they want to represent their class. If the student also wants to run for president, vp, secretary, etc. they can campaign to the whole school before next week's elections.

September 6th-9th
This week, tardies begin. Click here for the new policy.

The enrichment catalog is in! Your child will spend this week looking over the available courses for 3rd period. They will choose their top 5 and will be assigned a 3rd period by the end of next week.