Daily Schedule

Bell Schedule

1st day of the week: Extended homeroom and no Anchor Time

Monday or 1st Day of the Week schedule

Rest of the week: Shortened homeroom with 3rd period Anchor Time

Anchor Time schedule

Lunch Schedule

4th period 11:00 - 11:30 5th Grade
Fanti, Chesser, Martin, Brodowski, Aranda, Oliver, S. Garza, Harvey
4th period 11:35 - 12:05 5th Grade
Mendoza, M. Garza, DelaPena, Cedillo, Smith, Gunter, Spaulding, Turner
5th period 12:13 - 12:43 6th Grade
Gaete, Grounds, D. Cantu, M. Cantu, Oconor, Carter, Brownlee, Ramos, Zinc, Jones, Palmberg, Lamb, Vasquez
5th period 12:48 - 1:18 6th Grade
Showalter, Q. Martin, Nilles, West, Zoubi, Mardis, Cordova, Griffin, Mascardo